"How Would You Like Us to Hold you by The Hand As You

Launch Your First ( Or Next ) Business on Instagram!"

The Superfans you Want, The respect you Want.. The Life you Want, is Going to be Fueled By The Business You Build on Instagram By becoming an Instagram Influencer in 30 days! 

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Do you Have What it takes to Become An Instagram Influencer in 30 days and launch your Business?







What Does...

'Becoming An Instagram Influencer' Mean To You..?

From : Sorav Jain
Where : Chennai, India

What Does... 'Becoming An Instagram Influencer' Mean To You..?

For Everyone it's different... 

For some of you, you're unemployed or in 9-5 Job that you hate and you're trying all the ways to get out..

For some of you, you know your worth but unable to deliver to a huge audience that you Deserve! 

For others, you are entrepreneurs with your own company but you're stuck and wondering why your competitor is doing so well!? 

For few of you, you' know there are thousands of followers for you but nobody pays! 

Before I share with you My GOAL for this 30 days Instagram Influencer Challenge for YOU... let me ask you few questions!

Please Check All of The Questions Where Your Answer is YES!

✔️ Have you been constantly losing Followers on Instagram inspite of consistently posting Content on Instagram?

✔️ Have you been trying to figure out a way to reach more people or have a bigger impact on the world?  

✔️ Have you tried building your fans on Instagram and failed miserably?

✔️ Have you been trying to run paid ads to grow your business online, but you see NO ROI and have no idea how to optimse! 

✔️ Do you want to grow you business online, but you have NO IDEA where to start?

✔️ Are you already an Instagram Influencer, and want to make sure it's a huge success!?!

If you Checked ANY Of the Boxes Above, Then I want to Invite you to Join The '30 Days Instagram Influencer' challenge and Change Your Personality and Business Forever!

So, Here is How The Challenge Works...

The challenge Costs 99$ to join. This Covers your materials, access to all my premium courses (more info on it below)

With the entire challenge and premium course access, we could easily charge 2997$ for an event in a 5-Star Hotel for the full value we provide. 

Probably even over 5,000$ or more, but...



Then In Exchange For That Tiny Investment of 99$ 
You Get ALL of this: 

✔️ Instagram Influencer Mastery (297$ VALUE)

✔️ ​Facebook Ads Mastery Complete Course
(297$ VALUE)

✔️ Messenger Ads Mastery (297$ VALUE)

✔️ Facebook Support Group - Lifetime (297$ VALUE)

✔️ Upto 30% Commissions as an Affiliate

✔️ ​Ebook - How to grow your personal brand on Instagram

✔️Lifetime Access to all the course,  updated every month

✔️Telegram Premium Group

For National & International Payments

Total Value : $2997

If you want to want to become a highly paid Instagram Influencer and Start building your business, then this is the challenge we're giving you! 

Do YOU Accept?

Need More Information Before You Make Your Decision...? 

Let's Break Down All the Awesome Stuff You'll Get When you Join The Challenge Today!

When you Join the Challenge, You will get access to all my premium courses immediately, get added to the Facebook, Telegram and Whatsapp group!

Let me show in-detail what are the things you will get! 


Week 1 : Niche Clarity And Discovery!

✔️ ​Niche Clarity Formula
✔️ Influencer myths and affirmations
​✔️ Getting started with creators' account

Week 2 : Content Mastery Machine

✔️ ​​Content Mastery Machine so that you never have to run out of ideas which means your next 365 days content is on me. 
✔️ Easy Step-By-Step process to help you get started with creating content that sells which means less work and double the ROI
​✔️ Video Making Mastery - Make Killer Looking Videos right from drafting your stories and how to edit it - The templates are on us! 

Week 3 : Secret Mantra to Grow your Instagram Followers

✔️ ​​Best Facebook Targeting Strategies to grow high paying followers in your niche which means you will generate followers from your niche for as low as a 2 rupee!

✔️ ​Best organic Methods to generate quick reach and followers! 

​✔️ Exclusive Hashtags Training that will help you to increase your reach by atleast 80% 

​✔️ Exclusive Shoutouts, Giveaways strategies and Ideas. 

​✔️ How to use various bots to do competitor analysis and crush your competition before they know it. 

Week 4 : How to Earn Via Affiliate Marketing

✔️ ​How to make the best use of Instagram website click option in Bio to drive affiliate sales.

✔️ Best organic Methods to generate quick reach and followers!

✔️ Exclusive Hashtags Training that will help you to increase your reach by atleast 80% 

✔️ ​Exclusive Shoutouts, Giveaways strategies and Ideas. 

​✔️ How to use various bots to do competitor analysis and crush your competition before they know it. 

Some More Topics

✔️ ​​Understand Anatomy of Ig Profits

✔️ Understanding Profit Tools On Instagram

✔️ ​Working on your Instagram Page Aesthetics. 

​✔️ Payment Gateway for driving sales

​✔️ Reels Mastery

✔️ Stories Mastery


A step-by-Step Instagram BLUEPRINT to Duplicate that has helped me cross 100k followers and over 3+ Crores in Revenue every Quarter! 

✔️ STEP 1 - Launch a FREE Instagram Account

✔️ STEP 2 - Grow OVERNIGHT INFLUENCE and Followers

✔️ STEP 3 - PROFIT FAST with a sure shot Instagram Blueprint

✔️ STEP 4 - Re-Target Your New Audience for 100x Conversions

✔️ STEP 5 - RINSE AND REPEAT to Scale your business for long term and crush your competition. 

For National & International Payments

You Will End Up With an Endless Source of Re-Usable Traffic that converts to Sales and Profits

Along with all of the above, you will be the getting following bonuses! 

Bonus #1

Facebook Ads Mastery Course

( 297$ Value )

In Facebook Ads Mastery Course, you will get...

🔗 Step-By-Step Tutorial on how to generate high-quality leads and sales even if you have never had a Facebook Account which means your business sales is going to skyrocket.

🔗 My Proven Facebook Ads Method To generate high quality leads will help you start a new revenue as a side-income which means more prosperity for your family.

🔗 You will be able to run successful Facebook Ads even when you don't have a product,  no list, No reputation! 

Altogether, you'll get 40+ Video Recordings, And over 20+ hours of Training!

Bonus #2

Facebook Messenger Ads Mastery Course

( 297$ Value )

In Facebook Messenger Ads Mastery Course, you will get...

🔗 How to create chatbots that sells on its own which means less human error and more leads and more sales which means you can spend more time in doing things you like.. 

🔗 How to drive people from Facebook comments to Messenger to Grow Subscription. 

🔗 And So Much More... 

Altogether, you'll get 15+ Video Recordings, And over 6+ hours of Training!

Bonus #3

Facebook Group - LIFETIME Support!

( 297$ Value )

Join a community of over 1000+ Influencers from all the world and collaborate and grow together! Instant Followers Guaranteed!
Led By Trainer and Strategist Sorav Jain and Coach Rishi Jain, the '30 Days Instagram Influencer' Challenge is designed to help you IMPLEMENT your business and grow your INFLUENCE and FOLLOWERS in just 30 days..

"The Instagram Wizard"

Sorav will train you with NEW strategies and gameplan every week for this challenge. He'll lay the fundamentals right from basics to advanced for Instagram Lessons and will Customize the entire 30-day plan in pre-done videos format that will make you an awesome Instagram Influencer!

"The Technical Wizard"

Rishi will help you through the step-by-step process, hand holding you through various complicated Instagram tools, Automations, Landing Pages and Funnels & make it look like a cheesecake for you! 

Here Is Your Mission,

( Should you choose to Accept This Challenge...)

Your Challenge is to IMPLEMENT whatever you learn everyday and complete the tasks given to you to see Instant Success! for next 30 days!

Yes, there will be a lot of homeworks...

Yes, there will be a lot of pre-done cheat sheets for you which you can use..

Yes, there will be a doubt-clearing sessions even if you're technically not strong.

Our only question for you is? 

"Do YOU Have What it Takes"?

By the time you finish this challenge with us, you will become the best influencer in your niche and unlimited traffic will flow into your Instagram Channel and your Business will flourish! 

For National & International Payments

Is There A Guarantee?

Ofcourse.... :)

I guarantee that if you will participate and go through the course structure every day and implement and complete all the tasks, by the time this challenge is over, you will have unlimited traffic into your Instagram Channel and solid understanding of how to use Instagram for Business growth! 

Pretty simple... 

My programs don't fail anyone. If you implement, you will see success like how 500 other students have witnessed. 

Here's what Some Students have to say after going through the Challenge!



Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.

One Hashtag Cracked 3 Lakhs worth Deal for Mr. Sunny Srivastava
50% Increase in reach for Richa Israni through the Program

After using Hashtags, I have been reaching to over 60% more audience and engagements have really increased! Thank you Sorav for this digital hashtag delightment! "

Asmita Jason
Digital Marketer

Fantastic results from my first post after using the right hashtags!! Took 3 hours to research on the right hashtags and finally it's paying off! Thanks Sorav! Love this training! 

Vidya Lalwani
Mom Entrepreneur

Here are some more examples from my students! 

Total : 2997$

For National & International Payments

Instagram Influencer Mastery - 2021

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